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E111 replacement problem


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Visited the Security Sociale today armed with our Carte Vitale and requested the new replacement for the E111. The girl said that we didn't need one for the uk and when I queried it she checked with another clerk who confirmed that she was correct.
I understood that the card was required for any visits within the European Union with no exceptions. As we are to visit England for a short time within the next two weeks, could anyone shed any light on this apparent anomaly.
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This is correct now. HOWEVER, if you do leave France take the written details of your french cover with you just in case there are queries especially your carte vitale. My son is off to Corsica today and even though technically it is France he still has to have a passport to get on the ferry and details of his health cover as well as his carte vitale for the family he is going with to have access to in emergencies.
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