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Finding private rentals


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We had the same situation re validity of UK documentation when we were looking to rent a house, so I looked in the properties to rent in the local paper for our area and was fortunate enough to find just what we wanted where we wanted to be. Perhaps a look in your local rag might help.

Also most supermarkets have a small ads display somewhere on the premises, though I feel that the size of property you are looking for might preclude this option.



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Hi Nikki,

I too am hoping to buy in Pas de Calais and have looked for long term rentals. If you 'google' pas de calais you will get all sorts of sites re: accomodation, be it long term rental or holiday lets. Some of the holiday lets do offer long term rentals. Also try some of the Immobiliers in the areas you want to be, they should be able to help + the Mairie in the towns.


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