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Birth payments.


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I am sure there have been postings in the archives about entitlements on delivery in france, but I still find the payment system unclear and would appreciate if someone could clarify them. I heard that on on delivery, one recieved a lump sum payout. Is this the same as allocation jeune enfant from caf? Is it earnings related? My husband works in UK and we have an e109 so he is not full time resident in france, although this is our primary residence. Many thanks.
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Hi Sassy
I received a payment from the CAF during my 7th month, which is earnings related and part of the PAJE (808euros), apparently we will also receive monthly payments of 161 euros every month from the birth of the child (any day now according to my gynacologist) till the child's 3rd birthday.
I am not quite sure exactly what it is but it is not family allowance as this is only available after the birth of the second child. I have been working for a french company for some time and my husband works for a UK company but we received a letter from the CAF telling us we were eligible to apply for the difference from which ever country paid out the most! Funnily enough it appears to be France, but then they have been taking a fair proportion of my earnings for the last few years so it is nice to receive something back.
Hope all is going well with your new arrival
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