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Hello all, we've been living here (France, 64) for 6 months and have only just realised that we haven't sorted out any kind of health insurance or registered with a doctor or anything! Eek!

Can someone tell us what is the first thing we have to do?

We are a couple (both self-employed - taxed in the UK at the moment) with a 10 yr old daughter.

Many thanks in advance.
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You need to get on to Newcastle and see if you are entitled to E forms while working in France - if you can get, say, E106 or E101/E128 that may be the easiest solution, though it will only apply for a couple of years. If Newcastle refuses, or if you are in France permanently rather than temporarily, you need to contact your local URSSAF to see about registering in the French social security system, with all that entails.

If you need to see a doctor in the meantime you can just turn up or preferably make an appointment, no registration for that is required. You will have to pay (20€ for consultation plus cost of medicines) but if you have E111 you may get it back - but be careful, E111 is for temporary emergency cover only and does not cover repeat prescriptions etc.

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