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Spouse attached to E121 ?


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This is probably a no-brainer for Will or Owen, but.....

 My wife and I have been living permanently in France since the begining of June, and have prised our E104s out of Newcastle and then subsequently - after a long conversation (some of which I even understood) with our nice lady in the local CPAM - an E121 for my wife. She is 60 and thus retired.

I'm a little younger and although in receipt of a company pension, obviously I'm not getting a state pension yet. In good health, thank God, so not entitled to an E121 in my own right either for age or infirmity.

I'm sure I've seen/read somewhere on this forum that non-working spouses (?) are covered on their partner's E121 but can't find it. A situation not helped by my browser's inability to proceed beyond the 1st page of 15 search results (note to webmaster: the debug error message is probably a fault with my E.I. rather than your lovely new forum layout).

If this is the case I would appreciate a link to something official giving chapter and verse which I can print out and take with me to the CPAM, as when I mention this to her she was completely nonplussed.



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Sorry we don't have a link to any site where you can get this confirmed, but it certainly worked in our case. Husband over 65, wife less than 60. Our CPAM seemed to accept it.

We cannot remember exactly how it worked. Have another go at CPAM or phone Newcastle again??



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When we came over in 2002 I (at 43 then) received long term incapacity benefit and was allowed to receive that here in France. Newcastle also awarded me an E121 and after filling another form in (sorry can't remember which one) put my husband on that E121 also. So when he goes to the docs and requires a prescription or whatever we get reimbursed 65%. When I go to the docs, hospital or whatever, I get 100% reimbursed. We had no problem at the CPAM, just handed over the letter from Newcastle and in due course received a card. My advice is to ring Newcastle not to try and sort it out with CPAM, you will need some authorisation from the UK.



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I'm pretty sure you should be covered. I don't have a link, but you could try searching for E121 on the relevant section of the EU web site. I think it sounds like a very good idea to get something official from Newcastle though.

I get the 'script error' too with certain functions; the developer is looking into this but I think it's a known bug, for which Microsoft has, apparently, produced a temporary fix that has to be done somewhere on the server. Maybe easier said than done with corporate websites and servers though.

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You are not approaching this problem in the right way at all. And the idea of giving something "chapter and verse" to CPAM at this stage will be about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

It strikes me that you have not received E121 because Newcastle have not accepted that you are a dependant of your wife. The reason why your CPAM lady is non plussed is because in France this distinction would not have been made. So I suggest that you approach Newcastle to obtain E106, which may take you up to Jan 2006. After that you should be able to piggy back on your wife's affiliation by CPAM submitting E107 to Newcastle. But you will not be able to do this now if you qualify for E106 for this initial period.


Peter Owen


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I've just been with a member off this forum to the local CPAM two weeks ago to get them sorted and had no trouble. The husband is a little older than his wife and is retired,she is not quite and both had been given an E121 from Newcastle with his name as the principal retiree on both copies and hers mentioned on the second copy further down. Absolutely no problems with acceptance and hopefully they shouldl have received their attestations by now with the Carte Vitale in the pipeline shortly.
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