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Hi all,

Would appreciate some advice from the experienced France dwellers.

Having a little problem with Cartes Vitales for me and my wife. Applied in April with E106 for me and E121 for my wife (she already receives UK state pension).

Initial visit to CPAM went well but, after about 6 weeks delay and no receipt of cards, went to bureau again. It appears that department head office had sat on application! Duly received call about a week later to the effect that "E106 for me not accepted but, no problem, you come under wife's E121. Cartes Vitales on their way." By early August, with no sign of cards, contacted local office again (by fax as it is some 55 km away) and, lo and behold, a card for my wife arrived within a week. I assumed that mine would follow in due course. However, I did notice that the accompanying attestation made no mention of other beneficiaries. On returning from holiday this week, nothing has arrived and I have now refaxed local bureau to ask what is going on. Awaiting action!!


Main question is: has anyone else experienced similar circumstances - if so, what outcome?

Supplementary question: wife's attestation states " HOSPITALISATION ET SOINS EXTENES HORS BUDGET GLOBAL" - can anyone explain this to us please?


Thanks in anticipation,

Graham S

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Hi - Our experience is a bit different from yours but may be helpful.

We arrived last October with an E121 for me (in receipt of UK State

pension) and an E106 for my husband (who had retired a year previously,

in receipt of occupational pension but too young for State pension).

We received separate Attestations and Carte Vitales quite quickly but

my husband's E106 only covers him until next January. For him to be

transferred to my entitlement, the Pensions Office in Newcastle tell me

that CPAM must send them a Form E107 which is the formal request for an

E121. Because my original E121 did not name him as a dependant he can't

just be switched across. We shall try to get this process underway

next month.

You don't say (maybe you weren't told) what the problem was with your

E106 but I can't help thinking that maybe the hold-up is because you

weren't named on your wife's E121. The fact that you aren't on her

Attestation would seem to support this. Maybe CPAM have already sent

an E107 off on your behalf and are awaiting a reply - or maybe not.

It would be worth a call to Newcastle I would think as they should know

whether an E107 has been received concerning your situation. They might

also know why your E106 was not acceptable.

I'm afraid I can't help with the medicalese on your wife's

Attestation. I've just checked mine and I can't see anything similar

but I'm sure someone else on the Forum will be able to translate it


Good luck!


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If you are covered on your spouse's E121 as you say your CPAM told you, then you should be named on the attestation and have a social security number. Despite popular opinion, you can be in the French system even if you do not have a carte vitale. As long as you have a social security number you can claim the refund by paying doctors, pharmacy etc, filling in your SS number on the feuille de soins you will be given, and sending that, signed, to your organisme conventioné (CPAM in your case). The refunable part will be paid in to your nominated bank account.

French culture tends to ignore letters, faxes, e-mail etc. Telephone is better, but the best way to get problems like this sorted is to actually go and see somebody at CPAM.

I can't help with your other query either.

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It is ten months now since I applied for our Carte Vitale. As I have posted elsewhere, I am told that our papers at at INSEE. Goodness knows why.

However, we were given a social security number quite quickly, and have had no problem with the feuilles des soins or with refunds of sums paid to doctors and pharmacies. We do still have to brave a dentist, though!


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We have been here a year now and still no Carte Vitale! we do have the social security numbers so no probs with healthcare.

Do go to the office and check out why all your names arn`t on the attestasion....they had missed our daughters of ours ,even though we had filled in all forms ,shown birth certs etc,bit frightening really as our youngest was about to have a 4 day hospital stay !

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