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Ski ing - Daft Question!


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Hi  My daughter has a heart and lung condition.  She would love to go ski ing but she suffers badly with the cold weather in UK.  Is there any ski resorts in France which are warmer (I did say it was a daft question) than others.  Any ideas on how I can help her with her dream?

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I've always found Avoriaz to be quite warm - during the day at least. I think it's south facing - maybe that's why. You could always try at the end of the season, but the skiing's not as good. It's a nice station, too. Possibly my favourite.

You don't have to ski from dawn to dusk. Why not go on the slopes from 1 to 4pm, say. If the cold is too much, then back to the chalet for a fondue or raclette and and a vin chaud . I don't remember ever being cold there either on or off the slopes - in fact I often find the chalets and restaurants overheated.

I hope you get to go skiing. It's great fun and I'm pretty sure your daughter will love it.

All the best.

Ben Symons

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There is cold and cold. The humidity in the air makes such a difference. The air up in the ski resorts in the Alps is usually dry. It can get very cold, but the lack of dampness in the atmosphere means that it feels quite different.

There are sports doctors in France, talk to one of them or ask her specialist, I take it she has one.

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After having your chat with the specialist and should your daughter get the green light?  I recommend

Lans en Vercours (Nr Grenoble) Lower Alps

If she is a novice you can pay I believe 5Euros and there is a little travelator that she can go up and down on skis or even try the luge (sledge).  Its very good if you dont want to go to the expense of buying ski passes etc. Your daughter would certainly feel as if she was skiing. It is only a very small place and barely a resort but it is ideal to take children.  Also it is not too high up but above the cloud line so the air is fresh and less polluted.  This is open during french school winter holidays only, but if you really fancy this pm me for precise details

Sept Laux (near Grenoble) lower Alps

Small resort quite low altitude but very close to large medical facility if you felt you need to near one.  Again very family orientated and the masses dont go there because it is a local resort.

Alpe D'huez (Alpes)

Fantastic resort for the family and good for non-skiers as well, there is outdoor heated pool/spring, ice-rink etc for the non skiers, quite high up. Non-pretentious.

Hope this helps you, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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We mustn't forget, if there is decent snow. The lower resorts lose their snow quickly unfortunatley and it is hard to ski in something that feels like porridge. So if you find somewhere that advertises that they have snow cannons, there will be decent snow to ski on every morning.

Deby you forgot Chamrousse, there is a green piste there that is excellant for beginners and tired skiers, very wide, not too steep and a real pleasure to be on.

There are so many places, Les Karellis in the Maurienne valley is a smashing resort too and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

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