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List of 30 Serious Diseases

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I've since found out that the " list of 30 Serious Diseases" is not for publication!

Epilepsy, which is the illness I was enquiring about, is not on the list.

i'm told you can however ask the local doctor to support a case of having your illness classified as inclusive in the same catagory ie 100% cover.

Thanks anyway.

Have a great bank holiday weekend where-ever you are


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I'm afraid there is no automatic 100% cover, i.e. if you suffer from a certain condition you get 100% cover. Full cover depends on medical reports,n as stated above. There are some conditions that are more likely to qualify than others, so in practical terms if you have one of these you will probably be granted full cover. As the French health system is trying very hard to save money, it is not inconceivable that getting 100% cover might not be quite so easy in future.


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Also - 100% does not always mean 100%!

I have been treated for breast cancer.  Chemotherapy and hospital treatment all fully reimbursed.  Consultations with the surgeon and the anaethetist reimbursed only at 70% of what the French system decides they can charge.  Surgeon and anaethetist actually charge a lot more - so I'm out of pocket for each of these visits.  Not a lot individually, but it soon adds up ....


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i have been diagnosed with polycythemia vera, (my bone marrow produces too much blood) and it's 100% covered, they even pay  for my car every time a see the specialist in Bordeaux.

the french health system is probably the only one who would pay for my tratement, daily injections of interferon, that costs more than 8000 euros per year!!! in the uk i went several times to the doctor, they never find out what i had, in france i was diagnosed in a week!

vive la France!


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Hi folks

Massimo is in hospital atm, the PV that he has threw a small blood clot in his leg and his GP whipped him into hospital on Friday, op yesterday to have it removed.

I'm only posting this to let you know as he went public about the condition last week. PV is an absolute ******* to deal with (its classified as a non-malignant cancer in France and the US, just a blood disease in the UK, but the treatment is chemotherapy) and does things like this to people. 

He is making good progress and is hopefully going home early this week.


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Massimo is back!!!

thanks Tony, i'm back home and the operation was ok, even if the anticoagulant injections are bloody painfull.

the sad news is that my local doctor, the one who first suspected my polycythemia, has committed suicide this week...

it was really shocking for me, i really trusted him and he knew my history, so now i got to find a new doctor.

Anyway i have seen the specialist in Bordeaux and he said that i should be able to fly to South Africa for the winter, but for precaution i will need a anticoagulant just before each long  flight... just a little price to pay, compared with a whole winter in freezing Dordogne!



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