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Hi folks.Ive just been asked a question by a newl arrived friend which I cannot answer, so am seeking anyones advice.What is the implication or difficulty in making appointments with a specialist direct,or does one have to go through the routine of explaining to ones GP here in France that one would prefer to see the specialist,and arranging to see the GP first just to make the specialist appointment in the end.The specialists are listed by name and phone number in the local hospital directory.Hope this is clear! p.s. the friend is already in the French health system,and fully armed with the Carte Vitale.Thanks,Maude
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Under new healthcare procedures you have to consult with your GP first and he will refer you to the appropriate specialist.  If you prefer, you may go directly to a specialist, but your state reimbursement for his costs will be reduced by 10%.  It's the carrot/stick part of the recent drive to make everyone register with their GP.

This reduction for direct access does not apply to gynaecologists, opthalmologists, psychiatrists (if you are aged between 16 and 25 years) or stomatologists (execpt where heavy surgery is involved).


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