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I get my BP checked by the Dr.

Cholesterol & Diabetes blood tests done by the 'infirmiere'. She comes to the house. Results back to me from the lab in 48 hrs.

All absolutely free under the 'ALD' system.

 French healthcare, I love you!

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ALD is a scheme for people with serious illnesses to get their treatment free for that particular illness. The Caisse de Maladie has a list of illnesses recognised as such and this cover has to be applied for.


Our pharmacie has a machine to take blood pressure, but I am sure that you have to put coins in it.

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I bought a blood pressure monitor to use at home.

Done regularly, the checks give me a general trend which is confirmed by a visit to my GP every 3 months when I renew my prescription.

The monitor came from Lidl, cost about €20 and works just as well as the one I tried at the pharmacy costing over €60.

It does not replace the doctor's visit, but because I use it regularly, in my home, in the calm and without any stress, it gives a more accurate trend than the occasional rushed checks that could (possibly?) be done at the pharmacy.

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