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English dentist in Picardie


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I'm an English dentist living in Northern France and I'm trying to decide whether to set up a business here. Do contributors to the forum think there would be demand for an English-speaking mobile dental service in the 60 (Oise)/27 (Eure)/95 (Val d'Oise) area?
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Not sure about  the demand for an English speaking dentist in that area, but how can you be a mobile dentist?  How can you take your surgery, chair, X ray equipment steriliser etc around with you, you thought this through or got a coach or white van or something?

Seriously, I think you will find that you would have to re-qualify to practice in France or at least retake some exams and to do that you would have to be fluent in French, English speaking patients only or not.

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The logistics of being a mobile dentist are quite straight forward either using a van equiped with standard surgery equipment or using mobile equipment that has been developed for field use for the military.As for taking further exams,an English qualified dentist can register with the 'Ordre National des Chirurgiens -Dentistes' without need for any further qualifications.

So ,seriously, constructive comments would be appreciated

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