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I would be grateful if anyone can give me advise on which companies have proved to be the best for top up insurance.  I am interested in cover which would start immediatly and also cover any pregnancy care.  Also can anyone tell me whether the top insurance would cover me for care in a 'private' hospital rather than the local public one? 

I look forward to hearing your views.



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There seems to be very little to choose between any of the French insurers; the service you get is much more down to the local agent than the company itself. There are also those who specialise in cover for the non-French, such as in Cooperlola's link, some of whom appear to offer very good packages.

In France there is nothing like the same distinction between 'public' and 'private' medicine. It even could be argued that the French 'private' clinics etc are somewhat inferior to the 'public' ones as they offer a bargain-basement option for those without adequate funds or insurance cover. That certainly seems to be the case where care of the elderly is concerned. Think of the mainstream French hospitals or clinics as being equivalent to the Nuffield or BUPA hospitals in Britain rather than NHS hospitals. I know it's not exactly the same, but you really cannot make direct comparisons between the two systems.

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Hello Victoria,

I suggest you start your pregnancy planning in France with a blank sheet of paper.

Most if not all providers will apply a waiting period for maternity claims.

This is not as bad as you may think as you can reasonably expect around 95% cover from the CPAM anyway, particularly from the 4th month onwards.

As Will points out, a private clinic is not necessaily superior in France. Indeed a large public hospital is more likely to have all the back up staff and equipment in the event of complications in delivery and immediate post natal care.



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You can find full details of pregnancy registration procedures and reimbursements on the French healthcare website [url=http://www.ameli.fr/assures/droits-et-demarches/par-situation-personnelle/vous-allez-avoir-un-enfant/vous-etes-enceinte/la-declaration-de-grossesse-aff_deux-sevres.php]here[/url].


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