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Yes, I read the article on Sunday but refrained from posting anything because it would most likely upset the rose-tinted brigade who would see it as anti-French.

It is of interest to me because the hospital concerned is close to us, and the story provides a interesting antidote to the conventional view of the French health system. There may have been a little journalistic licence, but I rather doubt it. It just goes to prove that while France does have a very good health system, it is still far from perfect and things can go wrong.


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That's true, SD, but it's worth me commenting because someone in our village was in the same hospital at the same time - if the journalist's statement that it was a few weeks earlier (earlier than publication date of article) is right.

Our friend is a pensioner, probably living on a very low pension - judging by the state of his home - and went to the doctor because he had a numb finger, basically. Doctor referred him to consultant - a day or two later, I think. Consultant said: well, you're here, let's admit you (to the same Vire hospital as in the article) and sort the problem out. Apparently there was some concern that a more vital bit of the circulation system elsewhere was playing up and the numb finger was the symptom. He was in hospital for about a week, had various tests done including an MRI scan and finally had a small operation on his finger. Okay, he didn't comment to us about lack of privacy and he'd driven himself to his appointment, etc, but on-the-spot admittance by the consultant "because you're here for the appointment" didn't make it sound as if there was a lot of pressure on bed occupancy. But one could argue that any pressure on beds might be because someone with a trapped nerve in the finger (or whatever it was) didn't need to spend a week in hospital. So, same period of time, same hospital, apparently different experiences. Which proves nothing, of course. He did complain that his finger wasn't stitched very neatly. [:D]

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Did he complain that the food was bad?

That was the only bit about the article that made me doubt that the writer had spent any time before in France - (people don't complain about bad food) I suppose they don't if they are never served any!

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