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English speaking dentist in Creuse ?


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 Help ! Can any one recommend a dentist in the Creuse - I live 15 minutes from Gueret , in le Grand Bourg.

I have tried a Lady dentist in La Souterraine , but it took about 5 visits to do a root canal filing  with no anasthetic.

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A few years ago a friend, English but a long-time French resident, told me she had visited an excellent lady dentist in Bourganeuf, who I think spoke English.  Friend was terrified of dentists, but this particular dentist seemed to be kind and gentle!   Have not seen this friend since she moved, over a year ago, so you would need to check Pages Jaune or the Mairie, Bourganeuf, or chat to some ex-pat in Bourganeuf, who might well be found at the cafe next-door to Pulsat!

Good luck

Julia (in England)

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