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Breast Cancer and Carte Vitale


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I am fairly new to this forum (so hope this question is ok, if not I am sorry), and I also only arrived in France March this year so am still finding my feet so to speak!

Does anyone know if and where it is possible to get a new prosthesis in France. I had a mastectomy a couple of years ago. Is there a service for this with assistance in obtaining one or is it necessary to send to the UK and get a new one sent out?

As I am over 60 and with a long term illness like cancer is it likely that I will get a 100% reimbursment for the drugs required as they can work out quite costly.

Next most important question - when is summer going to start!!!!

Thanks for any help

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I'd recommend you speak with your médecin traitant.  If he considers it appropriate, he will submit a recommendation to your CPAM who will then review your case and if you qualify under the 'affections de longue durée', then you will be awarded 100% cover.  He should also be able to advise you about the availability and cost of a 'prothese'.

PS:  I am assuming you are now registered for healthcare here....


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The choice is fairly restricted in France and the cost may not be covered as fully as you would expect.

I used to work for a mail-order company in the UK, specialising in post-mastectomy products.

Their customer service is first-class and they deliver to France.

Call them to ask for an English catalogue and also a French one, priced in Euros.

Nicola Jane

UK: 0800  018 2121

from France: 02 33 88 18 12 (English speaking advisor)

I don't work for them any more, but I order from them for a relative who has suffered from breast cancer.
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I have a prothesis.

When I first went to get it fitted I was told that the ones you stick on are fully funded by CPAM but the ones that you put in a specially adapted bra are only 60% funded.  I opted for a stick on one.  I am entitled to a new one each year.  So far my surgeon has written the ordonance for me but if I wasn't seeing him I would ask my medcin traitant instead.  No matter what type you have you have to pay for the special bras yourself.

Hope this is useful.


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