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Helo Forum,

I will be arriving in France in about 6 weeks time , going to travel around a bit first then go back for Xmas with the kids ( 6 of them) and then return to take up permanent residency , I want to take out a top up insurance and have been looking around the net and come up with Exclusive Healthcare Insurance which has an Englidsh speaking telephone line as well as French speaking, In a nutshell they have four levels of cover ranging from Bronze cover ( fairly basic )thro to the Argent 300 plan which seems to be the the best plan of all the options, the cost of the best plan for a couple whos ages are 60 and 57 is just under 18 pounds per week which seems remarkably good for the level of cover.

Is there anyone on the forum who has experience with this company and if so has it been good , bad or indifferent, I must say that on paper it looks good and the English gentleman on the advice line seem very good .

Be intersested to hear any comments.





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If you do a search on  EXCLUSIVE HEALTHCARE then you'll pull up some threads where the company has been discussed previously. From a quick glance at some of the comments, it appears to be a good company but you'll want to read the posts properly to judge. Friends of ours use them and are very satisfied with the cover and service.

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We've used them for the last 3 years.  I've only had to contact them once and they were very helpful.  All our payments (dental treatment, drugs, doctor's vistits) have been paid automatically into our bank account without problems.  We've had no hospital treatment so can't comment on that but they've been great for day-to-day stuff.
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