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Resident in France & Looking For Travel Insurance


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Gemma .........

No specific advice I'm afraid, but just a suggestion that you drop in to a couple of the big insuarance company franchises in any large-ish town and ask ........   There's no reason for your condition to be any more 'risky' than that of an overweight 65yo male (not me!!!!) - in fact considerably less - so with a full declaration, you shouldn't have a problem, though inevitably there'll be some premium loading.

A letter from your Consultant testifying your ability to travel would be handy and while you're at it, get another one from him confirming your need to travel with syringes in your hand baggage - you'll need that too.  He / she will be accustomed to providing that kind of standard letter.


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Hi, once again I don't know about pre-existing conditions but the company below will usually give travel insurance to EU residents.  I've used them once and had no problems with my slight problems, they were just excluded from the cover offered.


Good luck,


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