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Skin reactions in children, to the BCG injection (pre-school age)


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I have a daughter of 2 years and 9 months. She had her pre-school BCG injection approx. 2and a half months ago, but still has a large red pustule, with a blue border. It looks aggresive and sore, and yet it is not sore to the touch, and she does not complain about it at all. Yet, I am still worried about how angry it looks. I have revisited my doctor, and he has said that it looks fine and not to be worried. But it does not look fine to me. It feels very fluid filled and about to burst, and I am concerned about her knocking it and maybe it bursting etc.

I just wondered if anyone else has noticed a similar reacton in their childs' injection scar and if it will go down and stop looking so sore and swollen. Hope someone can put my mind at rest.ThanksX  

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Hi Annie. My 12 year old son had his BCG last Ocotber. It is only now that is no longer looks inflamed! For at least 6 months it looked very sore and "angry".( I knew from my own injection back in the 1970's that I had a bad reaction so I wasnt too worried.) It is now fine, although he still has a red scar, I am certain it will fade in time. My 9 year old daughter had hers done at the same time and had no reaction at all! Just to show that each child reacts differently. Personally, I wouldn't be too worried about your daughters arm if it is not sore, just keep an eye on things. I am sure it will start to look better before too long. If you are still worried just ask your doctor to have another look next time you take her to the surgery. All the best Joy

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I don't have children, but like Joy1 I had a similar reaction myself (also in 1970's), so I guess if there are at least two of us, it's not exactly a rarity.    Still, it's your child, so of course you are more worried than you would be if it was yourself or another adult.     As Joy1 says, best to go back to doctor of you are worried.
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