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We moved to France earlier this year, and are undecided about whether to take out top-up insurance. The 'experts' all seem to strongly recommend it, but the majority of friends we have asked reckon it is cheaper to pay as you go. Of course insurance is a gamble, and on average one must lose.... you don't see any poor bookies... or insurance companies! So far our dealings with doctors, specialists, and even day-case surgery have been surprisingly inexpensive. Opinions please...
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For everyday health stuff and ordinary drugs it probably doesn't cost much to pay as you go.  However, a few weeks in hospital could set you back thousands so I've always gone for the "better safe than sorry" option myself.  Peace of mind is worth so much, for me at least, especially as one gets older!  Exclusive Healthcare do a reasonable package (just over a hundred euros a month for the two of us - in our early and late 50's).
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