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I am asking a question on behalf of my good lady


My lady has been taking HRT for several years now. (One ovary, etc.) 

When we lived in the UK she was prescribed PREMPAK-C Conjugated Oestrogens and Norgestrel.


When we moved over here we were still able to get the afore mentioned as a friend was able to pick up her prescription. However due to changes at the Drs. in the UK this ceased. And she had to go to the Drs. here in France.


Unfortunately for my wife they do not supply PREMPAK-C and had to give her the nearest equivalent. She tried them but they had no effect. In fact the opposite!. She suffered terrible Hot Flushes, and worse still (for her) gained weight. She then was given another sort to try Climaston(sp). These were a little better, the flushes were not as frequent. But she still gets them. Whereas with PREMPAK-C she had no ill effects what so ever.


France do not advocate PREMPAK-C and despite every effort we are not able to secure them. I have a friend who is a Pharmacist here, he has tried to no avail. The importance of PREMPAK-C to my wife is the fact that she has very brittle bones and these are the best for her. They suited her.


Besides going back to the UK and going through signing up with a Doctor, etc., does anybody have a solution.


PREMPAK-C are available in the USA, UK. Is there anywhere else in Europe?


Thank you.
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Can only comment from the experience of my OH.

When we arrived here she had a small gynae problem and went off to see Generaiste.  He referred her on to Gynae specialist who asked how long she had been taking HRT.  When she told her - best part of 10 years - immediately weaned off them because the French ( well at least this gynae and a couple of others she's seen since) think that long-term prescription of HRT does nothing and it is effectively a relatively short-term treatment.

As for where to buy/obtain the drugs, I'd go back to the generaliste/gynae and explain the situation, see whether there's something else your OH can get.

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You are correct Tony. That is exactly what happened to My wife. The Doc was in horror about the length of time she had been on the tablets, and tried to wean her off.

Some people can be weaned off no problem. However for my wife it was not so. To watch her having these sweats was not nice. I lost count how many she would have.......in an hour! Her sleep was effected and she felt she could not go out. It was pretty dire.

There are all sorts of arguments for and against, indeed one day HRT good another day HRT bad. She only has one ovary which does come into play here.

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Hello Jon

Depressed not as such. She is now on Climaston The nearest Fr Equivalent. She still gets flushes. Not as many but a few in a day. This makes her unhappy as these things come with no warning. It makes her reluctant to go out. She needs what she was originally on....Prempak She had no problems. No flushes no weight gain. And she did feel better.

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A friend of mine was on Prempak-C which, as you say, is not available in France. She planned to change to Nuvelle which - according to her clinic in the UK - was similar to Prempak-C but had the advantage of being available in France too. I've not seen her recently so have no idea whether she has switched and if so, how effective it is but it might be one for your wife to discuss with her doctor.


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Sorry to resurrect this thread. BUT

I have just returned from the Doctors after a consultation regarding the dreaded 'M'  word [:-))] and I thought that it should be known that the ingredients of Prempak-C,  Premarin and some other non synthetic HRT  treatments contain Equine derived Estrogen.

This is one of the worst cases of animal abuse that is still going on in places like Canada. see this:


I saw a program about this many years ago and vowed I would never use any drug that uses the barbaric method of obtaining an ingredient.

So ladies please think twice when you next take HRT, is yours Equine derived? There are synthetic ones available.

I have posted this in the 'Animal Welfare' so as to bring it to the attention of as many people as I can.

I have 4 beautiful horses and could never condone anything like this, gives me a hot flush just thinking about it[+o(]



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