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EHIC - to keep or not to keep - that is the question


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When 'er indoors went to CPAM in Cahors last month to try her luck with an E106 refusal letter they took her EHIC from her.

We have heard not a word back from them but I'm sure with all that's gone on they will be refusing her entry to CMU therefore logically have no reason not to give her back the EHIC however, read on:

Having now received my workers E106 ( http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1043609/ShowPost.aspx ) we are off to Cahors again today to present it and hopefully get signed up. My question is, I also have an EHIC so will they want, or be entitled to, take that from me or not ?

If they do take it then presumably they should give us a French equivalent but as I'm still working and paying UK NI theoretically does that not that entitle me to the EHIC ?

I'll give HMRC a call before we go.

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[quote user="Bob T"]The EHIC is of no use to you if you have an E106. The EHIC is for visitors and the E106 is for residents, you can't be both.

Not quite true.  As a resident of France with a valid E106, the UK should issue you an EHIC to cover your travel outside France, valid for the same period as the E106.  Once you join (SIC) the system after the E106 expires, then the CPAM should issue you an EHIC(edit:French equivalent CEAM, couldn't remember the French abbreviation, ta Will!)for travel outside France.

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If you have an E106 or similar form then you should have an EHIC issued in Britain, as mentioned above. If you are not entitled to an E106 etc then, if you belong to the French system, your EHIC will no longer be valid and your primary health caisse should issue you with a CEAM (French equivalent). If you are not in a European state health assurance scheme, then you need to make sure that your private health assurance policy covers you for overseas travel. I think that's correct...
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OK, I've just spoken to HMRC and whether we are in CMU or not CPAM have no right to take our EHIC's as they are still required for emergency cover outside of France (or UK).

If they refuse to give OH's back and/or insist on having mine then we can get replacements by filling in a new application explaining the circumstances and enclosing a copy of our E106.

Telephone number for the EHIC dept is +44 191 203 5555

EDIT: This may apply to me exceptionally because of my "Workers" E106

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According to your argument Bob France would be expected to pick up the tab for a UK citizen, resident in France but requiring emergency treatment in a third EU country.

This doesn't seem right to me.

Perhaps when one is in fully CMU after an E106 has expired or on an E121 this might apply, I don't know.


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Admittedly, our position is slightly different from yours.  My OH has an E121 and I am on it as his "dependant".  When we went to see dragon lady from the CPAM, we requested, and got, a EHIC card each dated for 1 year.

Hope that explains part of your query! 

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