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E106s and hubby working in the UK


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I have an E106, courtesy of my former UK employment.  I am now in france with our daughter while my hubby works in the UK and comes out at weekends.

My question is, could I get an annual E form through my husband when mine runs out?



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    You get the same cover as you do with a 106 - ie you will still need a top up insurance.  Newcastle provide confirmation once a year to the French Authorities that you will be covered for a further year - the best thing to do is give them a bell I should think.  I have a friend who has one because her husband is employed in UK and he has just written to Newvastle to ask them to generate whatever they do for a further year.  It will continue for as long as he is paying NI.

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This is my position also. Although my wife could not get an E106 in her own right this equates to the situation where yours is running out.

It's covered in this thread http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1042493/ShowPost.aspx where you'll see that the E106 issued to me also covers my dependants in France.

The relative leaflet from DWP can be found here http://www.dwp.gov.uk/publications/dwp/2006/sa29_jan06.pdf

Also I found this list on another site and although it refers to Cyprus it's to do with the EU regulations so not country specific.

I do have doubts about the 2 defnitions of an E106 (never seen it referred to as "residual" either) because I personally do not fall completely into either category. I am not posted to nor working in France nor am I an early retireee but I've got one so I'm not going to make a song and dance about it [:)]

Cyprus Healthcare under EU Regulations

Under EU regulations, healthcare can be provided in Cyprus for people from other EU Member States.

The healthcare is provided on the same basis as that provided to a Cypriot national and is available at any of the Government Medical Institutions in Cyprus.

To obtain healthcare in Cyprus, you must first be in possession of an appropriate E - Form or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your own Member State. You are entitled to healthcare if you fall into one of the categories listed below (you will also see from the table below which particular E - Form you need).

E111 or EHIC - Temporary visitor or tourist

E121 - Pensioner coming to live permanently in Cyprus

E111 or EHICA - worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus less than one year.

E106 - A worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus for more than one year

E106 (residual) - A UK person under pensionable age coming to live permanently in Cyprus

E111 - A student

E109 - Dependants living in Cyprus but insured worker living in another EU Member State.

E111 or EHIC - A person from another EU Member State in receipt of Unemployment Benefit and seeking work in Cyprus

E123 - A person in receipt of Industrial Injuries Benefit or an occupational disease

E112 - A person referred to Cyprus for specific medical treatment

What Medical Treatment do these ‘E’ Forms/Cards entitle you to?

Form E111 or EHIC

The form E111 or EHIC entitles you to receive any necessary medical treatment you may need during your stay in Cyprus. If you have not got a form E111 or EHIC when attending at a Cyprus State Hospital, it may be possible for you to obtain such a form by contacting your “home” administration who may be able to provide you with the relevant documentation.

If you do not have the Required E – Form or EHIC, the state hospital authorities are entitled to charge you for the treatment provided, but you may claim reimbursement later from your home Member State.

Forms E106, E109 & E121

If you are in possession of any of these forms, you must register with the Cyprus Ministry of Health. On arrival in Cyprus, you should contact a Cyprus State Hospital or the Ministry of Health, where you will be given an application form for a Cyprus Medical Card. The completed application form should be submitted to a state hospital or the Ministry of Health together with the appropriate E-form and supporting documents required according to instructions. If you are a Pensioner, you will also need some form of proof to confirm that you are receiving a Pension from your “home” State. The application will be processed by the Ministry of Health as quickly as possible. The Cyprus Medical card will entitle you to receive healthcare in Cyprus for the duration covered by the card.

Form E123

This E123 Form entitles you to receive treatment in Cyprus for your industrial injury or occupational disease only. To receive treatment for any other medical condition under the EU Regulations, you must also be in possession of another E-form. The form E123 should always be presented to the hospital authorities when treatment is required for your industrial injury or prescribed disease.

If you have been issued with form E123, and have decided to take up permanent residence in Cyprus, you should let the Cypriot authorities know that you hold this form.

Form E112

You should immediately present this form to the state hospital authorities when you attend for your treatment.

If you have any queries with regard to the information contained in this article, you should contact the appropriate authorities in your home state or alternatively the Ministry of Health in Cyprus at:

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