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Help! How does the health system work?


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Haven't officially moved here permanently  yet -  still have address and doctor in England. But I do not understand the health system at all . Can someone explain very simply ?

We intend moving permanently shortly - I am 61 and have a state pension - husband is only 58 (lucky me) and  has occupational pension.

Will we get carte vitales? What do they cover?

What insurance will we require?

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You will be able to get an e121 from DWP you use this to get into the french system , your husband will be covered by your e121 under present rules.

You will need birth cert (full) ,marriage cert , copy of passports etc.

You will get CV , this refunds upto 70 % of treatment charges , top insurance is available to cover the 30%

Good luck with your move and welcome.

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