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We too have received a letter from CPAM to say our cover will end on

the 31st March and that we need to go along to the caisse to upate our

rights on our carte Vitale.  I received this together with another

letter with an indication that I would be receiving a bill from l'URSSAF

Object: Cotisation de la Couverture Maladie Universelle de base

Je vous informe que le montant de votre cotisation pour la période du

01/10/2007 au 31/03/2008

With a charge of 8% (on amounts over 8644) on my revenu for 2006

does this mean to stay in the system until March I have to pay?  I

already have my Avis D'Imposition Contributions Sociales for 2006, is

this the same thing or am I going to receive an additional bill.

Thanks if anyone knows the answer


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CPAM have advised you that your CMU cover will continue until 31 March 2008.  The other letter tells you what your CMU cotisations will be up until 31 March 2008. That's what you have to pay to be covered for that period.  You'll be billed by URSSAF who are the social security collections agency.

Contributions sociales are billed separately by your tax office and are nothing to do with your heathcare insurance.



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