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Passports for newborns in France


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Hi Gemma,

Congratulations on your big adventure - having had both my children in France (although no experience in the UK) I highly recommend the maternity service over here.  One thing we found out though, is that when your baby is born, you will be expected to have a name for it straight away.  The birth and name has to be registered within 3 days and the french are amazed if you have not got a name ready, so be prepared.  Another tip if you are hoping to travel soon after the birth, is to get all the application forms from the Embassy well in advance, fill in as much as possible and get together all the supporting documents, mandat postal etc, so when sproglet arrives, just the name and dates need filling in.  My second little one was due December 15th and we were moving house (4 hours away) in January - first time ever I actually did Christmas shopping before Christmas week!

As for dual nationality, children born here are the nationality of their parents with the child being offered the option later in life, to take french nationality, provided they have lived here for a certain number of years.

Feel free to PM me if you need to ask anything - I felt very out of water when my first baby was born and it can sometimes be very hard to find out the simplest of things.  There is also a very good website on Babycentre.co.uk which has a forum for parents in France with loads fo useful info

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