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applying for affiliation ?


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My E106 runs out in jan08 ,like many .

As I have had nothing official to tell me otherwise I was planing to apply for affiliation to CMU .

My question is ,as I moved to France mid 2006 my tax avis shows an income of 9000 euros (half a years income in France), will this amount of income allow me in under the old rules ?

(the income is from company pensions joint figure for me and my wife)

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Sadly, many people will probably receive no official notification.  The DWP have refused to write to people and warn them.  In France you would be amazed at how different procedures can be from area to area.  Some CPAM's in the past used to write to people and tell them to renew E106 or affilliate to CPAM - but most did not - and often people did not realise they had to do anything active like apply to join CMU at the end of he E106 (thought they would just eventually get a bill.) - then they found their CV's just ceased to work on the date their E106 ran out.
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