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Cover for medical problems, can you help?


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I put the message below on the health forum recently. I was sent a a few pms; none of the responders could help, but it was suggested I try again with the above heading. Can you help?

We are buying a new-build apartment in the Gard region, and were due to fly over on Nov 28th to inspect it. My husband had a heart attack, followed by a stroke on 25th Nov, so obviously all that is in the air now.

He is recovering well, and is taking walks daily - we are up to 6/10 of a mile today (now 3/4 mile!) - lovely in our local country park with the heavy frost & sunshine here in Berkshire! We have a very healthy diet and a fairly active lifestyle, but he has a family history of both heart attacks and strokes.

Our insurance company informed us today that he will not be covered for anything at all to do with his heart problems.

We are not planning on travelling anywhere until after his 6-week check, but if he isn't covered by travel insurance after that time, I wondered if he will be covered for travel to France on his EHIC, provided the medics give the OK.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jo

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Not absolutely.  I've seen - been there with them when it happened - people here refused treatment on their EHIC for ongoing conditions and are only treated for emergencies whilst other people have been afforded treatment for ongoing conditions - there was a long discussion about this on here a few months ago.

I would ask the people who issued you the cards whether the treatment will be covered and then ask them for their decision in writing - phone followed by them sending you a letter, at least that way you'll have some evidence if they say yes in the Uk and then you're refused abroad.

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gg2 .........

You say that your insurance company has refused to provide cover.  I just wonder whether it would be worth your while looking at alternative providers?

I say this because 5 yrs ago I had a heart attack: we had short break to Rome booked and a main holiday to France for the Summer. Our insurers (via the bank) provided cover once I had gone through a telephone questionnaire. Now from memory, the clincher was the fact that both hols were already booked and I think that I had to get 'fit to travel' written endorsement from my GP. Nonetheless, it was OK.

It's just a thought - getting cover may not be out of the question, but you may face a premium loading and require some medical endorsement.  

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