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Transfer to Spouses E121 as Depandant. HELP


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We have been living in France for the last two years, I have been on an E106 whilst my wife started on an E106 but moved to an E121 on reaching retirement age in March 2007. My E106 has now expired and I am trying to get back into the system as a dependant on my wife’s E121. The problem that we have, is that my pages in the new E121 forms have the start date of my wife’s E121, March 2007, and not the date that my E106 expired, 6th January 2008. CPAM in Limoges refuse to accept the new E121 Forms, and Nottingham say that they can’t produce the forms with different dates, and they have never been asked this before!

Has anyone else been through these hoops before?



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The DWP would not have given you cover on your wife's E121 whilst you had an E106 in play.  I would phone the DWP and ask if you can piggy back onto your wife's E121 immediately, and explain the circumstances.  Meanwhile, you may indeed not be covered whilst things are sorted (although you may be able to claim retrospectively).  At least one private company has a "stop gap" policy where you pay what is in effect a daily rate.  I would seriously consider it whilst in limbo.

If you want details, then please pm me or e-mail us at mail@frenchhealthissues.eu

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Hey cooperlola, that was a fast reply!

We are talking to the DWP at Nottingham, they say that they are trying to sort the problem out, I am trying to find out if other people have had similar problems, as we can't be the first to go throught this.

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