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UK Spectacles Prescription in France


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I don't know if there is anybody out there who either has been or worked for an optician or who has used a UK issued prescription to obtain glasses in France.

The prescription came from Boots and is less than one year old. When looked at in an opticians everybody smiles and says no problem but there is one element to the prescription that worries me. The glasses are for long distance viewing and I do not need glasses for reading, in fact it seems to amuse people to see me take my glases off to read paperwork, menus etc.

The prescription reads as follows:

                   Sphere         Cylinder         Axis

Right            -2.75            -0.25             40.0

Left             -2.75            -0.25             10.0

              Reading    (2.75)(2.75)


The brackets around the two Reading addition figures have been written in in biro.

Judging by two out of three devis I have been given I think that combined glasses for both distance and reading may have been quoted for as in the third opticians I visited she asked me quite specifically if I used my glasses for reading and when I said no she said that would be cheaper then.

I've also looked on several UK online supplier sites and see that they also ask if Reading addition is required.

Any info greatly appreciated.

ps Haven't the price of specs gone up?

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I am in the same situation as you - I only need my specs for driving and when not doing so, they usually lie about on the kitchen table. 

I think you can get combination specs which save you the effort of taking them off your nose to read - if you're prepared to pay the cost of the privilege, of course....[;-)]



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Your prescription (ordonnance) is for myopie (short sightedness) with an astigmatism, the last figure is presbytie (longsightedness) and is normal for middle age.

With a correction of 2.75 you should really be using reading glasses to avoid straining your eyes, you are having to take your long vision glasses off to read because they are adding to your longsightedness, I suggest you try a pair of supermarket reading glasses and you will soon see the difference

The last figure would only be used if you wanted progressive or bi-focal lenses, they naturally cost more so the choice is yours to not use anything, use reading glasses or pay up for bifocal/varifocals.

I have just had a devi of around 400 euros (dependant on frames) for varifocals which was too much for me, instead I ordered them from the states www.googles4u.com at a cost of 60 dollars delivered, if I order again they will be a 15% discount.


My comment about needing reading glasses would only be true if you didnt already have the shortsightedness, Sunday drivers comments make more sense!

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Thank you both for your replies. I have decided to ignore the reading correction since I've now had specs for over 40 years with very little correction to original prescription all those years ago.


I don't know if your response comes from a previous life or from your experience over the last 12 months or so but it's been very comprehensive for my particular situation.

Sunday Driver

Pretty much the same here although I do wear mine around the house otherwise I tend to misplace my pipe and slippers.[;-)]

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