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Does anybody have experience of vastectomy in France?  The non-invasive way of doing it (by laser).

Is it readily available?  Would one visit a GP and take it from there?  Any idea how much it will cost to a Carte Vitale holeder?

Any info gratefully received!

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Long considered as mutilation, it has only become more available as a contraception method since 1999.

It is still viewed as a strange thing for a man to do to himself, so brace yourself for some funny looks!


The risks and consequences have to be discussed in the presence of the patient's wife and I believe there has to be a compulsory reflexion period of 4 months.

Your GP is your starting point. He/she should recommend a urologue (urologist).

See here for more details (in French): http://www.affection.org/sante/asvc/www.igc.apc.org/avsc/french/contraception/fcnsv.html

As far as reimbursement is concerned, the procedure is listed on the "nomenclature générale des actes

professionels" (= medical act recognised by the CPAM, thus reimbursed)

under class KC and you should get 70% cover, but as it is not a very common thing in France, make your enquiries with your CPAM beforehand and ask about their up-to-date policy concerning vasectomie contraceptive.

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I am questioning the idea that human beings have to be mutilated in order to stop breeding. That either men or women should have to have their bodies 'envahie" in this or other ways way is surely hideous and an insult to Nature or to anyone's  God.

If we continue to follow this line, we have to accept or "condone" natural events as part of population control too.

(Please note, I am not in the least criticizing the right of an individual to make their own choices, nor am I a member of a religious group)

Or does it not matter as we are a failed species anyway?

Post edited by the moderators. Please keep to the topic of the original thread

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[quote user="Clair"][quote user="Christine Animal"]

There was already a thread with the same title a while back


Sadly, as far as attitudes go, things don't appear to have moved on much... [:(]

The idea that human mutilation is "progress" is intrinsic to the original post and to the subsequent answers. Surely it is not unreasonable to suggest a different view? However indirectly.

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Frankly, if it's so uncommon in France, I think one of my major concerns would be the experience of the French surgeon performing it [+o(]

Funnily enough, whilst talk of vasectomies no longer seems to faze most blokes in the UK, mention of a flexible cystoscopy, coupled with a vivid description of the procedure and talk of an 8mm dia instrument, is absolutely guaranteed to get their toes curling, great fun [6] [:D]


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[quote user="newbiee"]

Does anybody have experience of vastectomy (bragging again ?) in France?  The non-invasive way of doing it (by laser).


I vaguely recall something similar in an early James Bond film though probably not in France. Sadly JB (SC?) escaped before we could measure the success of the procedure.

Di has suggested that telling a wife that you have a girlfriend would lead to a similar result as a vasectomy and much cheaper.


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