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Chronic Fatigue Syndome or ME sufferers in France

Burgundy Maid

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I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME but doctors, psychiatrists etc have no knowledge or understanding of the illness.

The nearest places I could go for help are in Paris, Reims or Lyons. I have articles from treatment I received in England translated into France but still nothing.

In an interview with me last year Gillian Thornton gave contact details for help/advice in France. I would like to have a support group for English speaking people in France so we can help and encourage each other.

Please e-mail me from here if you are interested as if you have that copy of the magazine my e-mail address has changed.




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Dear Coral,

I PM'd you but I am not sure if you received it so I thought I would try replying to the post but, as it is a few months after you posted the message I am not sure if you will see this either.  I hope you are coping ok and I think a support group would be great,

Kind regards



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