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Free Stoma supplies in France?


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Bit of a specialised question, this, but somebody on this forum usually knows the answers, so here goes...

 As a result of a bout with bowel cancer a few years ago (I won!), I now have Alternative Plumbing (circumlocution for the squeamish...).  Necessary supplies in UK are obtained on prescription (free here because of an automatic medical exemption certificate). Do people with similar problems in France get similar free supplies through the 'conditions of long duration' provision or something similar?  I hope nobody is in my position, but any information would be welcome. Thanks!


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Hi Chris


My partner has a permanent stoma following an ileostomy just over 2 years ago.  He now wants to join me in the sunny south west, and intends to work.  He's in good health now - thankfully!  Can you offer any advice or guidance on stoma supplies here in France now?  We would both be very grateful for your help.


All the best, Chris




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Hi Bidly (and anyone else reading!)

I can't tell you a lot, as we haven't yet been able to make our move to France (anyone want to buy a farmhouse in Wales...?).

I am assured that supplies should be free once a 'condition of long duration' has been recognised by the authorities (via your new doctor). A good start could be to contact your current supplier and ask if they have a related company in France - mind you I looked at the website of mine, and they listed just about everywhere EXCEPT France!  Make sure you come with plenty of supplies, so you aren't left in trouble if nothing can be sorted out quickly!

That's about the best I can offer by way of advice, but I'm sure there will be readers who can give more definite information.

Best of luck - hope the move works out.



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