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Forfait Journalier after hospital stay


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Can anyone enlighten me as to how the forfait journalier is calculated please?  I have received two bills for two separate stays in hospital.  The first visit was for two days and I was discharged on the third.  They billed me 16 euros x 2 for  those two days then added another 16euros for the day I was discharged (before lunchtime).  The second visit was longer but the same thing applied - I was billed for the day of discharge on top of the "total day count" also on that stay, although I had to wait for the doctor's round before discharge.  Am I missing something?  I don't have a mutuelle and am about to send off a cheque.
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Here the ruling:

Il est dû pour tout séjour supérieur à 24 heures dans un établissement hospitalier public ou privé, y compris le jour de sortie.

It is due, if you stay over 24 hours in hospital.

But also the last day 5 even if you leave at 10 am ) it counted in full.

So the charges were correct according to rule.



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