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Stock up on your vitamins


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If you've clicked on this and have never heard of the Codex

Alimentarius and can't be arsed to find out, the short version is that

those who purport to control us are going to remove our freedom to buy

vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies,

amino acids and other natural remedies.

Yes, on 15th May

2007, just six weeks before being appointed Prime Minister, the

snivelling, gurning puppet Gordon Brown joined ranks with George Bush

(Snr) by publicly stating his commitment to the political philosophy of

globalisation and the establishment of (his words) "a New World Order"


Part of the NWO agenda is to restrict and ultimately

prohibit the sale of all natural health products. The name of the game

for Codex is to shift all remedies (yes, that includes vitamin C) into

the prescription category so they can be controlled exclusively by the

medical monopoly and its bosses, the major pharmaceutical firms.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, Behind the Codex

Alimentarius Commission are the United Nations and the World Health

Organization, working in conjunction with the multinational

pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Few people, for

instance, are aware that it is now a criminal offence in parts of Europe to sell herbs as foods.

An agreement called EEC6565 equates selling herbs as foods to selling

other illegal drugs. And naturally, because we've all been suckered

into the European fascist superstate and come under its ever expanding

legislative umbrella, action is being taken to accelerate bringing

other European countries into ‘harmonisation’.

So folks, get out there and stock up on your vitamins while you can....
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Come now BB! I am shocked to think that you think that the wonderful polititians and drug companies could possibly be thinking of taking these terrible untested, by them, items away from the public reach? If this is the case then there must be a very good reason for it?

Yes there is! It is because they can't patent them and make even more money from them! They aren't satisfied with the Billions that they extort from us now with the killer, addictive crap they peddle. They want more! After all the only reason that they don't put so much effort into anti-biotics is because they actually cure people and then are stopped. They much prefer drugs that just treat the symptom and don't cure very much. That way they have to keep on supplying them.

What are they going to do as far as the herbs are concerned? Are they going to go round every garden and charge everyone who has any herbs growing? That should stop a lot of people getting bored for a while?

Anyone would think that I don't like the drug companies and their almost total grip on the medical profession? I DON'T! They kill more people than they cure!

As someone PMd me with a short while back    "It's you and me against the world BB!!!"

Edit :-  Just noticed the addition to you signature BB. Is an apple mac similar to a big mac? You know,, crap in a bun made of wet tissues [6][Www][blink][;-)]

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[quote user="Jonzjob"]

Edit :-  Just noticed the addition to you signature BB. Is an apple mac similar to a big mac? You know,, crap in a bun made of wet tissues [6][Www][blink][;-)]


[:D][:D] It is just a brilliant bit of kit. After years of bloated microsoft I now have a system that fires up almost instantly, allows me to completely remove programmes by simply dumping them in the trash bin (try doing that in windows), run up to sixteen different screens at the same time, watch movies in HD, etc, etc.

As they say in Suderbarami, don't knock it till you,ve tried it...........[Www][:D].


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I never bin to Suderbarami, is that near Sunderland?

I suppose that Macs aren't too bad really and you can actually get some software for them now can't you [8-)]?

It will be interesting to see what happens around here if they ban any herbs!? We fall over rosemary, tyme, fennel and gawd knows what else out walking on the gaurigue around us.

http://www.uitdaging.net/Health_Protest_Song.html There is even a protest song about it. Very catchy. I love the bloke with the scrubbing board on his chest!!

Here is another site that gives the American end and it seems that it's already in effect in countries in the EU! http://www.naturalhealthyellowpages.com/codex/index.html

It makes for frightening reading!


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One of my favorites is not to 'brew' nettles but just to pick the tops off the young nettles in spring, rub them fairly hard between your palms ( only use gloves if yer a wimp and not big/butch like me) and when they are reduced to a small ball just pop in the mouth and chew!! Very good for you and they taste just like spinach. I always choose nice tall ones then you can be fairly sure that a dog hasn't peed up them [:-))]!! Don't eat to many though because it is not good for your liver or kidneys or something?[8-)]

It didn't arf surprise the ladies from the village who were on a walk with us when I dd it the first time [8-|][6].

Edit :- Clair!!!! It has just occured to me that we are going to have to be VERY carefull at Christmas if all this 'pony' does come to pass!!!

Be VERY carefull over the festivities because there could be................................................................


Wait for it!!.........................................



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I'm not too sure, but if you google EEC6565 and go to the official site and then search on tea tree oil it will probably tell you. Although from what I can make out there are 160,000 pages in their book? Probably just to confuse the enemy. i.e. you and me!!!

They seem to work on the principle that if Monsanto can't patent it then it is BANNED!

Barstuards [:@][:@]

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I could never understand why paracetemol tablets could no longer been sold in large bottles.  I know that they are dangerous in bulk and that a handful of people commit suicide with them, but do that handful have to affect the millions who use them?  And if someone is going to want to commit suicide this way, they'll just buy multiple packets.

The tail wagging the dog....


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Like you I was puzzled by the need only to sell paracetamol in small quantities. Surely, I thought, if someone wants to do away with themselves using paracetamol, all they need to do is to call in at several different shops. This new regulation will make no difference. Guess what - it has! Deaths from paracetamol overdose have dropped dramatically since it has only been available in smaller quantities. That must say something about the people who attempt suicide by that method, though I'm not sure what.


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Some info on reduction in suicide rates here http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2004/oct/29/mentalhealth.uknews  "doctors say people usually attempt to commit suicide on impulse and use whatever they can find in the home."

Looks like one of the most effective changes was only allowing the sale of painkillers in blister-packs rather than bottles (more difficult to down a handful if you have to pop each one out of its bubble, and more time for reflection before a fatal number can be ingested, I suppose).


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