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None receipt of documents l'Assurance Maladie


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Received the following letter from l'Assurance Maladie this morning. All the appropriate documents were sent before the 15th September by recorded delivery. Is this a computer generated letter, like last year? Anyone received the same? We are with the Angouleme office department (16).

Lors d'un précédent courrier, je vous demandais et ce, afin d'assurer le renouvellement de vos droits, de me retourner avant le 15 septembre 2008, plusieurs documents justifiant de votre situation. 

Nous sommes toujours en attente des documents suivants : 

-    les documents attestant de votre residence stable et effective en France. A défaut de pouvoir produire ces pieces, je vous rappelle que vous courez le risque d'une suspension du remboursement des soins (1). 

-    les documents attestant de Ia régularité de votre séjour 

-    l'imprimer de declaration de revenus joint a la demande initiale 

-    les documents attestant de vos revenus : photocopie de votre avis d'imposition ou, défaut, de toute autre piece justificative de vos revenus. 

Ces documents soot indispensables pour determiner si vous êtes redevable d'une cotisation et pour calculer son montant. En ('absence d'élément permettant d'opérer ce calcul, je serais amen& a procéder a une taxation d'office dans le délai d'un mois, conformément a Ia réglementation en vigueur (2). 

Je ne saurais trop insister sur la nécessité dune reponse rapide a ce courrier. 

Je reste a votre disposition pour tout complement d'information et je vous prie d'agréer,


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Received the same yesterday having sent off the necessary bundle of papers already.  Must be computor generated for folks who have forgotten/are late.  We already have the juscative for this year received two weeks ago so am going to ignore - just hang on to the relevant paperwork!
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Don't forget that the 'pièce manquante' and the 'dossier perdu' are the cornerstones of the administration.

I have sometimes had to send a document 3 or more times.

The worst was when I had to produce a 'livret de famille' which obviously we don't have in the UK, but I cobbled up a replacement which consisted of birth/death/marriage/ divorce certificate as appropriate for all the family,  passport, carte de séjour,  'fiche d'état civile ' etc It ran to about 14 documents and I had to send photocopies 3 times!

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I had the letter today, so I 'phoned and said you have had the copy of my Avis d'impot and calculated my cotisations - so what's the problem? She said I still needed to sund a utility bill, so I pointed out that my address is on the Avis. She took my 'phone number and said she'd 'phone back tomorrow after she'd checked my dossier. I know I can just send it all off - and probably will have to but a) it's a hassle and b) it incurs unnecessary postage costs.
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Got the same letter this week. We personally took our docs to the CPAM head office earlier in the year, as in previous years they claimed not to have received them when we posted them. A couple of months later we got the letter stating that we were in the system for another year and last week we received the letter stating how much we would be paying. Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. No wonder the social contributions are so high - they must go towards paying all those functionaries!! 
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It's typical hopeless CPAM administration.  We renewed a couple of months ago and got the same letter as you describe addressed to my OH last week, so I rang them to ask what the problem was.  I pointed out that we had sent off both our declarations and two copies of the avis d'impôts 2 months ago and even received a letter telling us of contributions due through the URSSAF, based on the info we had sent.  The girl went away to check our files and came back.  The following conversation ensued.

"Yes, we have your avis d'impôt, but we need another copy for another purpose."

"What purpose", I asked. 

"I'm not sure.  We just need another copy", says she. 

"So you can't make a copy off the two I've already sent you?" 

"No, you need to send us another one." 

"That's very funny", said I,  "Okay, I'll send you another one.  Are you sure you only need one?" 

"I think so."

I've sent her another two copies just in case.  It's not worth wasting of time and energy arguing.

[:D] [:D] [:D]
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