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Measles epidemic


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1054 measles cases in the UK so far this year, and around 70 for last month. Fears that an epidemic could be on the way - only 75% of children are vaccinated, when 90+ is required for the population to be protected. Brain damage, gangrene, pneumonia, and so many other debilitating illnesses are proven side-effects of the disease. To be properly covered both doses are required.

If you children have not received the MMR or only one dose, especially if they are in a nursery or full time ed, please get them up-todate with their vaccinations.

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by the way, neither the BCG nor the ROR are now compulsory in France - but STRONGLY  recommended, especially in you live in a city. But the dipthteria (diphterie) tetanus (same) and polio (same) - is compulsory and schools are supposed to check that your child is immunised. there is in fact a 6 month prison sentence and E3750 fine for not complying! the idea being that the collective is more important than individual liberty- one of these cultural characteristics that takes us back to the Revolution, I suppose.

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