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I have just received a bill for 29 77E  from the Tressor Public, as I have a accident in September last year and went to hospital to be seen had a X-Ray and was put in plaster. This has come as a suprise as we has thought we dealt with all our owings, can anyone shed any light on this?

( if this is in the wrong place can this be moved to the right area?)

Thank you


Would this be a Doctors bill ie 25 euros plus TVA?

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You'll need to drop by the hospital to sort it out.  OH was in for a week 3 mths ago and the cost of her stay / treatment was all taken care off at the time (CV + mutuelle attestation).

However, we subsequently received a bill for €40-ish which turned out to be for the initial tests and diagnosis in Urgences (A & E).  The 2 lots of paperwork hadn't joined up!  They wanted me to pay and reclaim from CPAM, but I told them that it was their error and for them to unravel.

They rolled over, but not without plenty of 'daggers' looks.  Bloody foreigners, coming over here ............ 

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We are in England so its not feasible to go to the Hospital until we return next year, however I have emailed the Tre'sor asking for an explantation about the bill. We did pay various people ie hospital for the X-Ray visits from the doctor to give injections and something about tests results then, but its a bit of a suprise to see this a year plus later.
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Sorry, I missed the bit about "last year" !!

To be honest, I rather doubt that you'll get much joy from the Tresor, but it's worth a try.

Trying to unravel a 15 month old bill for €29 with them and / or the hospital may well be harder on the blood pressure than the wallet, so you might well find that paying it and putting the whole thing down to experience, might just be the easiest option. 

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What does it say on the bill Mary?

I have just started getting bills from over 16 months ago, although not disputed I phoned them to see if thay had any others remaining, the reply was yes, 3 more totalling XEuros, they have taken a further 2 months to arrive.

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