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Making a small saving on medicines


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I take 3 medicines a month.

One tablet a day of one, two a day of another, and three of another.

I was being given 1 box of 30 of the first, 2 boxes of 30 of the second, and 3 boxes of 30 of the third.

The problem is that that makes 6 boxes, and the 'franchise' of 50 centimes is per box, not by medicine, so I was having 3 euros a month retained from my reinbursments.

I asked the Pharmacist if there were larger size boxes available, and I now get the second and third in 'conditionnement ' of 60 and 90, so I save 1 euro 50 a month.

Only a little thing , but 'Desparate times need desparate remedies'

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[quote user="giantpanda"]Hi!

If the medecine exist in larger packings, one should ask for it - goof top ) , since it is possibly not the interest of the chemist to give you the larger packing.

I am afraid that this is rather an exception.

Will test next time.



But when else would a pharmacist dispense a box of 90 tablets, except to someone with a prescription for 3 a day for a month? Why else would they have them in stock?

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This is why I was being given 3 x 30.

It is easier for the pharmacist just to stock one size ( in this case  a box of 30).

What I wanted to flag  up is that sometimes bigger sizes do exist, and can be asked for. In my case it is an ongoing prescription, so they are pretty sure of having a turnover of the larger size.

In any case a move to larger packing was mentioned recently as a way of saving costs.

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