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I have just phoned the incapacity benefit branch in Castle Court Belfast N Ireland to ask for a E121 for my husband when we move to France in May (he is also on DLA) and I really am gaub smacked, the person I spoke to didn't know what I was talking about, she kept telling me to go to the Post Office where I could get the form I persumed she was talking about the E111 but when I asked again about the E121 she asked me what it was for. So I then asked her for the number in Newcastle upon Tyne and again she didn't know and kept insisting that I write in and tell them all my details and a decision would be made, I told her that a decision didn't need to be made so long as you had one of the qualifing benifets you could get a E121, so she told me that there were rules and regulations that had to be followed.

What hope is there for anyone!!!!!!!!!!!
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hi there, the number for Newcastle is 004419121876/48


you will need your NI number hope this helps

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