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Re embursments CPAM.


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Hi folks can anyone please give me the current levels of re embursment from the CPAM.The Ameli.fr website does not seem to be very clear.Our last statement from CPAM seems to have dropped the level paid back to 30% less the 1 euro.Their website says 70%.confusion,confusion!!! Maude Edited:this is for routine visits to our designated GP,not prescrpitions or others, maude

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Broadly speaking, look for the sticky label on the medicine packaging:

  • white label with cross = 100% reimbursement
  • white label = 65% reimbursement
  • blue label = 35% reimbursement

The pharmacist is required to offer you an equivalent generic (cheaper) medicine if it exists, but if you opt for the brand name, you will be charged an extra €2.

If you have not declared a preferred GP or if you go directly to a

doctor without being referred by your GP, your reimbursements will be

trimmed by 40%.
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