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H1N1 flu leaflet


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How are people reacting to H1N1 in France? In UK I spoke to someone this morning who had stocked up her shed with food, and was very frightened about the whole thing. Nobody else I've spoken to has been very bothered. The nearest case to us is in Slough, so just in the same county. After all the recent threats of  bird flu, SARS etc most people are just getting on with life as usual.


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Yesterday I froze my socks off riding my motorcycle back from Cervia in Italy I spent 10 days with people from all over the world - including Indonesians, Americans, Taiwanese, Indians, Chinese, Dutch, Austrians, Balinese, Pakistanis, Swedes, Canadians and even some of the very best French kite makers.

I now have a lovely runny nose and a delightful chill. As a veggie it cannot be swine fever...

Had some great fun with the Indonesians even though most spoke no English - they make fantastic leaf kites. The Swede made kites of feathers and my favourite were a French ladies delicate asymetrical kites.

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