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Can anyone tell me where we stand with state covered IVF treatment in France?

I've checked our 'top up' health policy and acording to them the state offers 0% and they will give us 183 euros per year (should cover fuel costs!). It looks as though my wife and I are heading in that direction so we'd like to understand a bit about the system here. So far we are happily sent from one appointment /test to another and are amazed by the services offered. However, we don't think there can be many more things to look at...!!

I have read previous links where people have said that it can be offered for free, has this now changed, I'm a little confused?? all I do know from the doc is that is 'available' up to the age of 42 (the woman). 

Is it perhaps means tested ?    




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Hi Muzzie,

I am currently undergoing treatment and have been put of Clomid (fertilty drug) and my gyno monitors with me with very regular scans.  I had had some investigations done  in the UK so the doctor was happy to proceed with Clomid first for 3 months to see if it works.  If not then we will look at the next step.  All of this is covered.  When I got my top-up insurance I checked with them that they covered any fertility treatment and they do.  I am with groupama.  I don't know what percentage is paid by the state and what by the insurance but I pay nothing.  Hope this is of some help and good luck. 



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Hi Muzzie,

Can you please advise the first steps to starting IVF in France. Do you go to you doctor?

My husband and I have been tryin for a baby for 4 years. Before we left the UK we had decided that ( as did the consultant) our only option would be IVF.

As we have been in france now for nearly a year, we are now ready to start IVF, we are prepared to travel back to the UK for the treament. We would like to see if it is possible to have the treatment in France.

Many Thanks



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