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ivf in france please help!!!


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i am having fertility treatment in the uk and i may have to have ivf we want to move to france as we have a house there.

I have heard that if you pay into the french system for  6 months to a year then i can get 3 free ivf treatments.

can anyone tell me if this is true my husband all ready has an older son from a previous relationship so we are not entitled to have free ivf in the uk.my husband will be working as soon as we get to france however i will not.

our dream is to be in france with a family so if it is true it would be such good news for us.


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Hi Harriet, I've C&P below some info from the fivfrance.com site (I think it says 4 tries per child - which I hope is the case), best of luck.
Vic, mum to Eva 5, Elsa 3, and ttc#3 since July 2006.

Formalités administratives (France)
La loi de bioéthique encadre strictement la pratique de la fécondation in vitro, en France.
Dans ces conditions, les caisses  prennent en charge la totalité des frais jusqu'à 4 tentatives par enfant.
Cette  technique est réservée aux couples hétérosexuels mariés ou vivants en concubinage notoire depuis plus de deux ans.
La conjointe doit être âgée de moins de 42 ans au moment de la tentative de fécondation in vitro, sous réserve que le bilan clinico-biologique permette de la réaliser.

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