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MAAF - anyone use them?


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Hello... just a quick question... anyone use MAAF for their top-up insurance?  We are just about to order but I thought I would ask the gurus (that's you lot) if you have had any experience of them?  We want a good level of hospital/care cover but not so worried about dental and opticians... would welcome your thoughts...basically anyone had any problems that it would be worth bearing in mind?

many thanks in advance  [:D]

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No claim to date [:)]

I have everything with them because I found them to be cheaper than my previous insurer (CA) and because I found them pleasant and helpful.

I believe Sunday Driver is with MAAF too and claimed for his car accident last year (?). I remember his positive comments about them a while back.

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We've moved to MAAF this year for the house and the car (including a special introductory discount of 15% for first year only) as they were cheaper than AXA. The staff are very pleasant and easy to get on with. However we found them to be expensive compared to AXA for health insurance.

As far as what they are like when a claim is made you will find that so long as CPAM process your claim then everything after that simply happens automatically.

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We have all our vehicles insured with MAAF and I originally considered them for our top-up as well but whilst their premiums were reasonable, they had a six month delay before you could claim, so we went with Groupama instead because they offered similar cover from day one. When I first visited our Groupama office and was waiting to talk with the counsellor, I found myself reading the French equivalent of Which magazine which had Groupama as the top mutuelle in terms of cover, price and claims.

As Benjamin says, top-up claims are all handled automatically via the CPAM/mutuelle automatic tie up, so we've never had a problem there.  

As regards MAAF, we've always had impeccable service from them.  Whenever we've changed vehicles, they given us good quotes and never complained about churning out all the multitude of temporary certificates necessary when changing registration numbers, etc.  The office girls are a good laugh and are always pulling my leg about my 'fleet'......

As a true measure of their value, they handled last year's accident claim extremely efficiently and without even asking, they pursued the other driver's insurance and obtained a very good compensation payout for us. Fifteen months down the line, Mrs Sunday's false knee joint has been diagnosed as having become loose and has had to be replaced (everything points to it having been as a result of the original accident) and MAAF are currently putting together a follow-up compensation claim on our behalf.  

Can't fault them, really....[:D]



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