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Buying new hearing aids - UK or France


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I suspect I know the answer to this already but here goes...

I am currently living in Lyon. I have a pair of digital hearing aids purchased privately in the UK around 7 years ago. Recently I managed to put one of them through the washing machine (I know I know!) and surprise surprise it doesn't work any more. I have contacted the company that sold them to me to enquire about repairs but have yet to hear back.

Assuming that it can't be repaired and I have to purchase at least one, but probably two, new hearing aids, I am wondering whether I should be buying them in France (where I will be living for the forseeable future) or the UK (where I know the system and likely prices etc). From the research I have done the prices for aids in France, of the quality that I am seeking, is very very high, at least double that of the UK. And in the UK an audiologist will come to the house for all fitting and tests, and there is no need to involve a Dr at any point. The down side is that there is a minimum 2 week gap between test and fitting, so that would mean at least two separate trips to the UK. And maybe there are benefits to being 'in' the French system, such as it is.

BTW we don't yet have a mutuelle so wouldn't have any reimbursement from that.

Advice very welcome!

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Hope you don't get Oticon Spirit 3, I'm on my 4th lot,useless!! Tried contacting the UK Oticon help line,no reply.The Oticon manufacturer in Sweden,no reply. Always wondered why if you can buy a computer for a few hundred £'s or E's, why a minor piece of technology costs best part of £1000. Captive audience comes to mind.

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[quote user="chocolatefish"] I have contacted the company that sold them to me to enquire about repairs but have yet to hear back. [/quote]

Seeing that you no longer have your aids, it's not surprising you haven't heard!

Sorry, shouldn't be laughing so I hope you intended the pun?

Couldn't you combine the 2 trips necessary with obtaining other stuff that you need?  How about some spectacles which I believe are also cheaper in the UK?

Then there is the Christmas shopping or you might wish to purchase a new car............the list of things that are better value in the UK must be endless?

Good Luck with you quest and I do sympathise............[:)]

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