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In order to be entitled to CMU C I know that income has to be below certain limits (11 thousand odd for a couple), but is that income taken from the RFR or from the revenue brut?

A pensioner couple I know get an abbatment because they are elderly which makes their RFR well below the limit even though their gross income is two or three thousand above.

Are they entitled or not?
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All income earned in 2008 is taken into account for a CMU-C claim in 2009 (see this form).

In addition, if your friends own their home, the ceiling will be increased by €1309.30 (see this info sheet).

if they do not qualify for the CMU-C, they may qualify for "l'aide complémentaire santé", which offers financial help towards paying for a top-up, provided their income exceeds the CMU-C ceiling by no more than 20% (see this form).

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Many thanks Clair for your reply. It looks as if they wouldn't be entitled as their gross income (before the age allowance) is above the plafond, even before adding on the extra because they own their house.

Oh well, it was worth asking!

Thanks again.
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