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Diabetics and glasses.


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I have type 2 diabetes and having looked at a list of ALD's on another post it says.:

"Type 1 and established Type 2 both have exemption, and due to the large range of other conditions that may arise secondary to the diabetes (eyes / blood vessels / neurological problems / increased incidence of infections etc), these treatments may also be exempt. "

So looking at my prescription my diabetes tablets are in the 100% section along with the drugs for my heart. What I want to know is what is the situation with glasses, do I get 100% and what does that mean, do I get my glasses free or how does it work?

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When I did the ALD list I had to summarize things.... perhaps too much and in doing so maybe some points could do with some clarification

Regarding Diabetes and related eye problems

Diabetic retinopathy - where the blood vessels of the retina become damaged is the most common diabetic eye problem. Other conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataracts can also occur, though of course these conditions may also arise in non -diabetics.

I believe these are the pathologies that would gain exemption.

If your need for glasses in any way can be related to any of these conditions then I would assume exemption would also be granted. However, for 'near-sightedness' or 'long-sightedness' I do not imagine you could claim exemption, unless it could be shown to have a bearing on your condition.

Check with the ophthalmologist before ordering those Gucci specs!


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Gucci spec's here I come. Seriously though there must be some form of limit. I know they give you around 28 Euros towards varifocals normally so does 100% mean they pay the full amount and of what, a basic lens or can it include anti glare? What about the frames, is there a limit you can spend?
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Well with my sight (as far as I can work it out) I might get the top whack for lenses - but considering glasses cost upwards of 500 (euros or £) the amount they are willing contribute is hardly worth shouting about .....  I think I got perhaps a tiny bit more in the UK, so not much difference there then!!

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