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Can someone please tell me what to expect at a french cremation service that we have been asked to attend next tuesday. Apparently it will be 30 minutes max. There will be a mixture of french and english attendees.

The brother of the deceased is coming over from the UK to deal with the matter, to say a few words and anyone else who so wishes will have the opportunity to say a few words but he is unsure of how to bring the service to an end particularly as he doesn't speak any french (I don't know if there will refreshments on offer afterwards).

I would be very grateful for any information that I could pass on to him.

Many thanks in advance, Chris

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Very unlikely to be any formal attendance by clergy. Broadly speak to the staff and they will agree when and at what signal the body will disappear. I have only attended one cremation in France and was very glad an acquantance of the deceased had bought a copy of the King James Bible with them.
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