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Grapefruit juice and flesh


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I would never have believed that this could cause enhanced and serious heart conditions if taken with medication itself which is destined to control a heart condition.

But it is true. My wife suffers not only from RA but also from a irregular heart beat and is on medication which controls it.

Over the last couple of weeks the irregular heart beat has increased substantially and this tied in with grapefruit for breakfast and part of a diet exercise.

Thus initially to Google and this week to the Doctor. It is a fact and one would have thought that those prescribing the drugs would have pointed out the downsides of taking grapefruit however remote.

Just a thought
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That's right, dragonrouge. I took digoxin for 30+ years for a heart problem, diagnosed at our local hospital after many tests, and was found not to have it by magic a couple of years ago! I heard many years ago about the link with grapefruit (and grapefruit juice) - I think it might have been on Woman's Hour. Surprising, isn't it. My GP was when I told him and he checked it out..

Edit: no mention of ineraction with grapefruit/juice was ever mentioned on the insert of digoxin.

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Grapefruit is also not a good idea for women who have had post-menopausal hormone-receptive breast cancer as it increases oestrogen levels in the body. I wish I'd known that years ago, as I had breast cancer in 1998 and ate grapefruit every day at breakfast for years. Perhaps I might have avoided a recurrence in 2005 without it.
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