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Hi'a - My wife and I are UK citizens although we have not lived or worked in the UK for 10 years. We are making the permanent move to France later this year. I understand from reading previous posts that as we won't be working and we are both in our 40's (i.e under retirement age) then we can't apply for state health insurance or a Carte Vitale. Could someone be kind enough to confirm that is the case and if so that we have to take out private health insurance. Any recommendations on english worded health insurance websites (My french is still very rough to say the least and I could only find french ones when I searched). We have a AXA in our village is it better just to stay with a local provider rather than on-line. Many thanks.

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You are correct in that if you don't work or run a business you cannot join the French health system.  After five years, however, you will be able to, provided you've kept everything legal and above board (ie paid your income tax here, etc.)  More info' (still OK but I'll admit a little out of date now) on our website - see my link below.

There are several English speaking insurers listed but you could start here:


I have no connection with them but as a customer have been satisfied with their service.

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We are in a similar position to yourselves (though not quite as young, unfortunately) and are now on our third insurance company (the reason for the changes being cost and degree of comprehensiveness). I don't want to get into any details about specific insurance companies on the forum, but if you want to email me I can let you know who we were with, their website addresses, and what they covered (or, more importantly, didn't cover).
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